Pembroke Pines Peruvian Restaurant $ 135,000

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Miramar Mediterranean Restaurant $ 190.000

Kendall Bakery and Cafeteria $ 325.000

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Ft Lauderdale Fully Equipped Restaurant $ 100.000

Drive Thru Convenience Store Coral Gables $ 50,000

Little Caesars Franchise MIami $ 430,000

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Subway Franchise Store $ 270K West Miami

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Wynwood Pizza take out and Delivery $ 85,000

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​                     South Beach Mediterranean Bar and Grill $ 225K

Miami Sandwich Shop  $ 75.000

Kendall Italian Restaurant $ 330.000

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Buying or Selling a Restaurant or looking for another  existing location, we at Transworld Business Brokers, Restaurant Sales Division can help make your RESTAURANT  the talk of Miami. From intimate dining rooms to lounges and bars, taverns, nightclubs, pizzerias,  cafeterias and associated  food and beverage related businesses,  specialize in Restaurants for Sale in Miami and Florida. We can find  the perfect  space for your Restaurant. No Restaurant  is too big or too small. When is time to Buy or Sell a Restaurant.  Selling Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and any Food & Beverage related Businesses IS our  Business

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Subway Franchise $ 240K

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Doral Steak Restaurant   $ 85,000


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USDA Food Processing Plant $ 325.000

Vegan Food and café $ 65,000

Edgewater Café and Deli  $ 90.000

           Plantation Food Court Burger and Fries $175.000

Grill Chicken  Restaurant  Miami $100,000

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Weston Restaurant Bar   $ 490,000

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West Miami Peruvian Restaurant $ 65,000

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Downtown Miami Café-Restaurant $ 75.000

Miami Restaurant for sell, sell Miami Restaurants, We Sell Miami,                                                              N. Miami Pizzeria Take out & Delivery  $200.000


Latin Restaurant Restaurant $ 120K